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How Is Deep Learning Changing The World Of Sports?, 2017
Talk by Prof. Chunara at The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity – CRI, 2017
Prof. Chunara invited keynote speaker at Joint Workshop on Health Intelligence at AAAI 2017, 2017
Is your big data messy? We’re making an app for that
0, 2017
Tech TruimphTech Triumph: How Computer Imaging is Predicting Autism 10, 2017
Autism Detectable In Brain Long Before Symptoms Appear 15, 2017
New Imaging Techniques Track Cocaine’S Effect On Infant Brains 13, 2017
A Visit From Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella 10, 2017
Smart Urban Design Means Knowing Where The Shadows Fall 10, 2017
Flu Dunnit? The Brian Lehrer Show 12, 2017
Trying Not To Get Sick? Science Says You'Re Probably Doing It Wrong 12, 2017
Interactive Map Reveals The Shadows Cast By Every New York City Building 5, 2017
New University Research Center To Test Boundaries Of Smart Transportation In New York City And Beyond 5, 2017
Interactive Map Reveals The Shadows Cast By Every New York City Building 5, 2017
Mapping The Shadows Of New York City: Every Building, Every Block 4, 2017
Student Hackers Team Up With Manhattan Da To Fight Human Trafficking 3, 2016
Listen To The Music Of The Traffic In The City 31, 2016
Tandon Students Receive Awards For Tools To Improve Retail, Transportation, And Software Development 17, 2016
Nyc Media Lab Demo Awards: $25,000 In Prizes For Tech And Media Projects 3, 2016
Bocoup And Openvis Conference 7, 2016
New Book On Verification Of Visualization Techniques 9, 2016
Searching For Big Insights From Online Reviews 11, 2016
Big-Data Visualization Experts Make Using Scatter Plots Easier For Today’S Researchers 18, 2016
We’Re Honored 25, 2016
Learning About Nyu Tandon School Of Engineering’S Collaborative Take On Healthcare 14, 2015
Forecasting The Flu 30, 2015
Nyu Engineers Are Helping Visualize Better Healthcare 21, 2015
Our Newest Faculty Additions 9, 2015
Claudio Silva: ‘The Future For Solving Complex Urban Issues Is An Interdisciplinary Approach’ 4, 2015
Sharing Your Fitness Tracker Data? ‘Pace’ Yourself 11, 2015
On Yelp, Doctors Get Reviewed Like Restaurants — And It Rankles 11, 2015
ACM Fellows 12, 2015
Nyu Researchers: One Big-Data Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words On Human Rights 1, 2015
Professor Claudio Silva Voted Chair In Prestigious Ieee Committee 19, 2015
Watch Out Google, Darpa Just Open Sourced All This Swish 'Dark Web' Search Tech 17, 2015
New Faculty, New Breakthroughs 19, 2015
Darpa Contract To Fund Exploration Of Hard-To-Find Information On The Web 25, 2015
Would You Share Private Data for the Good of City Planning? 27, 2015
Nyu Polytechnic School Of Engineering Professor Honored For Pioneering Work On Provenance Research 12, 2015
Nyu Professor Wins Premier Award In The Data Visualization Field 12, 2014
Visualization Conference Selects 8 Nyu School Of Engineering Papers 5, 2014
Taxis: Sensors For City Life 12, 2014
Cameras Are The Future (Of Front Office Decisions In Sports) 30, 2014
Billy Beane Expects Big Things From Mlb’S Big Data Play 17, 2014
MLBAM introduces new way to analyze every play 1, 2014
Ftc Commissioner Brill Warns About Cyberspace Big Data Abuse 5, 2013
Nyu-Poly Professors Win Google Faculty Research Awards 14, 2013
Microsoft Research Grabs More Room for Data Science in Silicon Alley 28, 2013
Claudio Silva Wins Best Paper 20, 2012
Decoding The Deep: Juliana Freire And Claudio Silva Join Nyu-Poly 13, 2012