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The Visualization and Data Analytics Research Center at NYU consists of computer scientists who work closely with domain experts to apply the latest advances in computing to problems of critical societal importance, and simultaneously generate hypotheses and methods that new data sources and data types demand.

We work in the areas of Visualization, Imaging and Data Analysis.


Research in graphic design methods as well as the effective use of visualization methods and techniques to explore and interpret high-dimensional data. Our group has worked in urban and sports computing, as well as in the areas of biochemistry, cybersecurity, development, healthcare, climate sciene and human rights.


Development of novel imaging analysis methodologies related to segmentation, shape analysis and image statistics. Our work is multidisciplinary, primarily collaborating with experts in clinical imaging on research in areas including schizophrenia, autism, multiple sclerosis.


Creation of novel data management and analysis methods applied to urban, scientfic, web, and public health domains. Our group has particular expertise in provenance and computational reproducibility and personal-data informatics.


04/2020 Julia Stoyanovich is co-authored with Jay Van Bavel and Tessa West, in a comment paper on Nature Machine Intelligence.
03/2020 Congratulations to Raoni de Paula Lourenco that had both a full paper and a demo paper accepted to SIGMOD 2020 that describe his work on debugging computational pipelines.
03/2020 Congratulations to Harish Doraiswamy and Juliana Freire on their paper that has just been accepted to ACM SIGMOD 2020 entitled: A GPU-friendly Geometric Data Model and Algebra for Spatial Queries.
02/2020Congratulations to Masayo Ota and Heiko Mueller on their paper that has just been accepted to VLDB 2020, entitled:
“Data-Driven Domain Discovery for Structured Datasets”.
02/2020 Congratulations to Aline Bessa on her paper “Efficient Discovery of Meaningful Outlier Relationships”¬†which was accepted to the ACM Transactions on Data Science.
01/2020 Congratulations Gromit Yeuk-Yin Chan on his paper that has just been accepted (for oral presentation) at WWW 2020: Real-Time Clustering for Large Sparse Online Visitor Data.
01/2020 Congratulations Francis Williams on his paper accepted to CHI 2020. Unwind: Interactive Fish Straightening.
01/2020 Congratulations Fabio Miranda on his paper accepted to CHI 2020Urban Mosaic: Visual Exploration of Streetscapes Using Large-Scale Image Data

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